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Commercial Window Tint

Business owners everywhere are looking for ways to save money on operating costs. One of the most overlooked ways to do this is by having commercial window film applied to your exterior windows. The benefits of commercial window tint are sure to be noticed right away, with continued savings continuing to accrue as time goes on.

#1 Energy Savings

The cost of heating and cooling a building can be significantly reduced with the addition of commercial window film. During the summer, this film prevents excess sunlight from entering your office, thereby causing temperatures to rise. As a result, your facility will require less energy to keep it cool. In the winter, commercial window tint acts in the opposite manner, trapping heat and helping to draw it into a building. The result is that this natural sunlight helps to warm your building so you will require less energy to heat it.

#2 Saving Electricity

Commercial window tint can help you save money on electricity aside from lower heating and cooling bills. This is because it still allows a great deal of natural light to enter a room, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting. When blinds or draperies are used to reduce sunlight, the result is often a darkened room that requires more electricity to illuminate. With commercial window film, you can have the best of both worlds-protection from UV rays and natural light.

#3 Protects Office Furniture

Commercial window tint can help prevent damage to office furniture from harmful UV rays. When repeatedly exposed to harmful rays, upholstered furniture can fade, or leather furniture may become dry and cracked. Commercial window film prevents damaging UV rays from getting to office furniture, so you won’t need to replace it as often. Sunlight can also damage fixtures such as carpet, floor mats, or wall hangings, so these will all last longer if you have commercial window tint applied.

#4 Eliminates the Need for Window Coverings

Commercial windows are often unusual sizes, which means that blinds and drapes need to be custom-designed for them. This is not needed if you have commercial window film because this covering provides a level of privacy similar to that of other window treatments. Those on the outside are virtually unable to see inside your building, so there is no need to worry with installing drapes or blinds in order to maintain privacy.

#5 Low-cost Maintenance

Drapes and window blinds often require special cleaning in order to maintain them properly. This is not the case with commercial window film because this product does not require any special care or maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. You can simply have windows that have commercial window tint cleaned in the same manner as those without film, making it easy to keep them looking good for years to come.

When you add up the benefits, it’s easy to see that commercial window tint can save your business a great deal of money over time. Best of all, this product can be applied with very little interruption to normal activities, so you won’t suffer a loss of production in the interim.

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