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Our premium commercial grade window films maximize energy efficiency by reducing energy demands and lowering utility costs.


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Save Energy

Whether your organization is located in a high rise office tower, restaurant, store front, airport, school, or otherwise, here’s a fact: windows are the primary source of heat entry in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Our premium commercial window films put more money in your bottom line by keeping heat in when you need it most.

We install high-performance commercial window films that reject up to 79% of the sun's total energy – promoting high-efficiency cooling in the summer. In the winter, films act as insulation and help your building retain heat. Ultimately, you and your business save energy while promoting energy and comfort.

Promote Comfort

Oftentimes, businesses come to us asking if we can increase the office comfort level for their employees or customers. Here’s our answer: yes. We can eliminate 70% of direct heat and lower glare from all southern-facing windows in your business. From glare to privacy, we help improve the interior quality of your office. Call us and let’s start a discussion – we are educators first and foremost and would love to hear about your space in return.

Get Creative

By partnering with Solyx Designer Decorative films, our customers have loved our selection of decorative film sales. These films can add creative flourishes to glass while promoting privacy and security. Come by the shop or visit the official SOLYX site to learn more.

More important information

No matter your business space, here are a few essential facts as you consider Tint King installations:
• Window films provide superior heat rejection, helping you stay cooler during hot months
• Optical clarity improves your visibility while reducing glare
• Films help to trap heat in the winter, reducing the cost to warm your office

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